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… that’s what I heard this morning from Human Resources, as I am madly trying to enter data into our reporting system- as all financials for November are due tomorrow at 12 noon; and as I have 4 companies to “publish” I need to whack them out as quickly as possible so that they can be reviewed by the Director of Finance and the CFO.

What do I hear from HR this morning? “I haven’t finished monthend, can you give me until the end of the day?”. I rather politely stated that as I had 4 companies to publish, I cannot have her holding me up. She does this each month to me, leaving at ridiculously early times so she can get home before her kid is home from school — she left at noon this past Friday, she could have finished off her recs then but she chose to go home and now I’m having hissy fits because the nitwit needs “quality family time”.

As well, one of my intercompany recs doesn’t balance because the lazy twit who is responsible for cash applications did not apply a cash receipt from another affiliate correctly. As both myself and the accountant from the other affiliate need to get our stuff in today, we don’t have the time to work out the messy transaction until next week. This means I will be getting a nasty email from the North American HQ asking why my intercompany doesn’t balance.

As always, I wish someone would pound some common sense into the jokers I work with. The lady who’s intercompany doesn’t balance with mine, I had to figure out why we don’t balance, she could have tried that herself – but she’s still in an intermediate level of the accounting programme I graduated from (CGA) so her ability to pick up on funny nuances hasn’t been fully developed, she still learning; so I don’t fault her.

And another funny event that has just added to my stress levels – one of the creative wenches rang to ask if it were possible to open up a new project code in the system. I asked her if she got the memo saying that no more project codes until January. She said yes, she did get that memo, but was hoping she could slip one in. I refused telling to book it directly to the G/L. Next I got the most ridiculous question that I nearly fell out of my chair – “what’s a G/L?”, I explained it’s the General Ledger which rolls up into the Income Statement- “What’s an Income Statement?”.

And people wonder why I am quite “mean” or “unbending” with my views with regards to the miscreants I work with. 🙂