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Thought I’d post something which was not related to my daily grind of being an accountant.

This weekend has been restful and fun.

Yesterday, Saturday, I spent the afternoon with Mr Puck watching “Extras” – a television series from The Office genius Ricky Gervais. And the evening was the celebration of Mr Andrew’s birthday. The birthday dinner was held at a restaurant in ChinaTown – and quite a few peeps showed up for the celebration. I managed to snag a seat next to C2 (Concubine #2) – both of us are the concubines of a certain Mr Brian Walsh, who tends to pick up groupies rather easily.

Today, Sunday, I have spent the day doing such odd things such as napping, reading, nibbling on some crackers and napping yet again.

Inbetween all of this madcap activity were my moments of devotion to my tiny demon – Pupa. He’s become addicted to “Fancy Feast” and won’t eat his kibble anymore. I am trying to wean him off the “Fancy Feast” and back to his organic kibble. He managed to eat 2 piece of kibble today.

Oh the wild life I lead.