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I haven’t blogged in a while about my assistant. This isn’t an entry on how I am, yet again, disappointed- as I am not displeased with her.

We are fast approaching yearend and one of my tasks is to get the G/L as clean as possible, which means any open projects need to be investigated and either closed or an explanation given for their continuing existence in the system into 2009. I have tasked my Assistant with pulling documents together for the different project codes, so that she can work on getting them closed. Seems I have found something she’s excited about – she has taken to this task quite happily and is currently emailing a storm to various Senior Managers asking them about their projects..naturally, I am being cc’d on everything, as she has discovered that if I’m included in the emails then peeps tend to answer her more readily. That pesky job title of mine can be a little scary. 🙂


I have noticed that, in general, when one of my co-workers is having an issue with someone in another department they tend to cc’ me on those emails (don’t ask me why, I don’t know the reasons for it) and they get quicker responses when I’m included on the emails. Maybe I’ve developed a reputation of being a hard-ass, not sure. I mostly think it’s because my co-workers are pleased as punch that I am a designated accountant, and when they are asked by the twats in other departments “who is this bean?” invariably they are told that I am a fully qualified CGA with many years experience with financial reporting, auditing standards and SOx (Sarbannes-Oxley).


On another note, a certain Mr Geeklawyer has taken umbrage with my using the acronym “G/L” or “GL” when referring to the “General Ledger”. Well, I say tough noogies, as the concept of a General Ledger predates his squirming out of his mother’s loins, I shall be disobedient and continue referring to the General Ledger as the G/L.