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I am madly plucking away at monthend, getting ready to submit my monthly financials, and HR is holding me up – I can’t complete some reconciliations because they are still waffling about trying to figure a few numbers out.

To add to my pain they have done a number of journal entries which has thrown my Cash G/L balance out of whack with the bank statement. HR booked December transactions into November, and I could dismiss this as a timing issue – but having reviewed the December transactions I do not see anything that even remotely approximates the amount the dingbats journalised.

I ask myself in every company I have worked at – why does Human Resources exist? Other than making sure I get paid & I get my benefits, what else are they doing in their little offices? When I go for job interviews, in the past naturally, it was rare that HR would be involved in the interviewing process.

Currently HR does journal entries for “confidential” items like salary accruals, benefits accruals and intercompany cross charges. So far, this month, they sent an I/C invoice to one affiliate late, so now my I/C rec is out of whack. But it’s not like I can answer the Intercompany Gods when they come calling in a week, asking “why are you off by $X?” — can I say “HR fucked up”? Doubt it. It will all come on my head.

What I have noticed, and it seems to be a general trend of HR “professionals” I have had the misfortune to work with – there is no sense of urgency. They leave on the dot at 5pm and it doesn’t matter that schlepps like me have to re-do reconciliations over and over again, with a looming deadline, with their excuse being “oops I forgot, I’m soooo sorry”.

If there are any HR peeps out there, what do you do? Why do you not have a sense of urgency when dealing with monthend reporting?