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Today is the one year anniversary of my surgery – the lovely & brutal one which sent me into ICU for 5 days, completely unconscious.

Anywho, today it was with the Uro-Gynecologist, Dr Lee from Sunnybrook. She and Dr Herschorn worked on a joint surgery for me – performing several procedures all at once. According to Dr Lee when I was sliced open there were tonnes of adhesions, and she spent 1.5 hours trying to clear the adhesions to get to my uterus, so that she could raise it (it had fallen). Dr Herschorn walzed into the OR and sliced the top of my bladder off – effectively making all of Dr Lee’s adhesion-clearing efforts moot.

Dr Lee is pleased that I have managed to lose 35lbs since the surgery, and that my dislike for ice cream and other naughty foods still prevails – I still am no longer enamoured with ketchup, french fries, boiled eggs, muffins, cookies, 2-bite brownies. This surgery has reset my tastebuds, and I like it.

Dr Lee pulled out the speculum to check on my uterus and cervix and she’s quite pleased. Considering I am a  potato (ie. I’m rather plump) there was an excellent chance that it would have fallen within a year of surgery. The cervix and uterus are still staying up where she anchored them. I’m to see her in 6 months to make sure this remains the case.

One worrying note – it took me ages to get the last hole closed, early October actually. Dr Lee checked my lower abdomen out and the hole remains, it’s big enough to handle the head of a q-tip. I am seriously displeased by this. She will be sending a report to Dr Herschorn on this. In the meanwhile I have sent a message to my Home Care Nurse, Kim, who discharged me from CCAC care in early October. I can’t demand care, as that would have to be prescribed by a doctor, but I am hoping she can come over and take a peek.

But I guess this means I will have to start packing myself so that nothing can rub up against the area – I’ll prolly do this until Christmas.