Saw this in today’s issue of the Toronto Star:

A 430-pound convict was released early from a Quebec prison because his jailers could not accommodate his enormous frame.

Michel Lapointe, who served more than two years in jail on drug charges, was released Tuesday ā€“ three months early, Canadian news broadcaster CTV said.

The decision was made in May by a Quebec judge after prison officials said they were unable to find Lapointe a chair or table large enough to fit him.

Lapointe described his time in prison as “a living hell,” CTV said.

Now what is odd is that this fellow has been in prison for nearly 2 years. Surely the Corrections Department would have been able to determine that Mr Lapointe is a hefty man, to put it delicately, and either accomodated his girth with wider chairs and a sturdier bunkbed. His claim that his time in prison was “hell” is mildly amusing, as the assumption usually is that if one is sent down that their time while in incarceration will not be a pleasant round of eating gourmet meals, sleeping on 400 thread-count egyptian cotton sheets, and being able to go for a spot of shopping. It’s prison, of course it’s going to be “hell”.