Another monthend is upon me and I have it admit it’s going remarkably smoothly – which worries me. Am I working too fast/efficiently or do I really not have enough to do? I am bored, I am nearly finished all my stuff for reporting numbers next Tuesday.

A few things have popped up which have caused me to think that senior management is either impressed with me or likes me.

  • Head Office wanted an idea of how much we have budgeted for the following year for “meeting” costs – food, facility rentals, A/V, travel etc. The request was sent out to all the Accountants in my department, but I was tasked to provide a consolidated report – none of the other 4 had to lift a finger. So either they are super busy or it was easier to give me this task as I could finish it quickly, with sufficient amount of information and in a format that could be reviewed by senior staff here and at head office.
  • We were asked to cut about $150K from our 2009 budget, consolidated. Instead of asking the other 4 accountants to look at their own divisions, I was tasked to work with the IT Director to work out what it would be for each of the divisions and put together a detailed (and phased) consolidated report by cost type.
  • For our conversion to a new accounting system I had to prepare some test data for Fixed Assets, again pulling information from all the Toronto divisions. None of the other 4 accountants were asked to do this, I had to get the information from them and compile it.
  • Today I am to meet with the IT Director to discuss outstanding IBM invoices – again, for all divisions. Bearing in mind I only have access to the Accounts Payable system for 2 divisions, it may prove to be a little tricky to extrapolate for 5 other divisions. And yet I was asked to this “working meeting” and not the others.

The impression I’m getting is that senior management prefers me doing this consolidating working as I can work quickly, cleanly, and produce results/reports that are easy to read and easy to manipulate for management’s own analysis. I do have better Excel skills than the others, which does frighten me, as Excel skills were hammered into me by my CGA courses that accountants must be able to manipulate data within Excel. Even simple “Ctrl-C” for copying the rest of my cohorts cannot manage.

On a funny note, the overspend on the entertainment budget for one event – it’s now 75% overspent. I had stood fast and refused to reallocate to another budget, to hide it from the CFO. Now the CFO and the President are thundering about, asking for explanations — as we had been directed by HQ to reign in spending and cut any non-business entertainment. Because we have to explain to HQ, these twits now have to explain to the CFO. Heads are rolling and I am mildly amused.