Pupa has been having a hard time jumping up and down from the sofa and my bed. He tends to crawl up, trying to not put any pressure on his hind-legs. I was concerned about the little bugger, as he also would scream in pain when I’d pick him up; and he would be shakey on his feet if standing.

So on Halloween night I took him to the vet. The vet checked him out, confirmed my suspicion that there are some pulled muscles and then proceeded to try and sell me on all sorts of diagnostic tests – all costing a fair bit. I agree to blood work and if they could get it, a urine sample. Pupa was disobedient and did not give them his pee. The vet also injected about 200cc of water under the skin – a sort of kitty IV.

Pupa is doing much better, ever since the water got injected into him. On the way home he was a good little cat, staying quiet in his carrier. Though, a number of people did notice that I was carrying a black cat — the purfect accessory for any Halloween Costume. Once we got home it was only on the elevator that he hissed. Seems a great big bull terrier stuck its nose towards Pupa’s carrier. The dog owner said “don’t worry, he likes cats” and I said “please worry, Pupa has claws and will use them if not happy”. The dog and his owner quickly got off the elevator – as his puppy isn’t use to cats with claws.

So now Pupa is at home, quietly resting. The vet rang last night and told me that the blood work looks good – no diabetes, no cholesterol issues, no infections, though his creatines are a little elevated which means his kidney functions might be slightly affected. I am to keep him calm and give him plenty of opportunities to drink.

Oddly enough Pupa has latched onto his carrier and now it is his current nest.