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In my neverending quest to live frugally I decided to do some grocery shopping at a local grocery store, on Wellesley & Sherbourne (for those of you living in the area)…has a green sign, for the life of me I cannot remember its name. Anywho, I decided to go there as prices tend to be a tad cheaper than at my usual place – Dominion (now called Metro).

I just needed a few items to tied me over until next weekend – so I got some minced chicken, swedish meatballs, a bag of frozen veggies, 2% lactose-free milk, and my favourite cereal….Fibre One (which has 14g of fibre per serving). While standing at the checkout I noticed what others were purchasing and I was stunned.

The couple ahead of me were doing their weekly shop and their cart consisted of: 3 cases of Fanta, 10 packs of Lunchables (little prepacked lunch thingies for kids – which have no redeeming nutrional value and are just of trans-fats, sodium and sugar), fruit rollups, pudding, jello cups, breaded chicken strips, breaded chicken nuggets, peanut butter, butter, chocolate milk and 1 bag of carrots. I was absolutely stunned, and I said to myself that it’s just these people, but no. There were others in line behind me and in the line next to me with equally reprehensible selections.

Now the odd thing is that these food items, if one wants to  call them that, were on sale. The stuff I was purchasing was not on sale and were a little more pricey than what they were purchasing. This is the sad fact of life, if one is living at the poverty line (and the people who frequent this grocery store are recent immigrants and low-income working class) you’ll be tight with your funds and that invariably translates into purchasing the most fat-filled, sugar-filled items out there. Those cases of Fanta were $3.99 per case of 24, damn sight cheaper than purchasing orange juice or apple juice which goes for about $2.49 per 2L.

I left the grocery store thanking my lucky stars that I do manage to make a decent living so that I can afford such luxuries as a bag of grapes in my fridge, or bananas or even getting mince instead of breaded chicken nuggets.