I had fun last night. I actually wasn’t expecting a dinner, just a simple cocktail party/reception. I met up with an old friend from high school who is also a CGA (she got designated a few years ago), and a lady who took Statistical Analysis with me eons ago at Ryerson University.

Sat at a table with individuals from different parts of the globe, with different life experiences, but with one thing in common – we now have oodles of spare time now that we are no longer studying. One of the individuals was a lady who emigrated from Argentina 5 years ago. We are to have coffee – so this whole networking thing between professionals does work 🙂

We had guest speakers – the President of CGA Ontario, a senior director from CRA (Canada Revenue Agency), a senior partner from Robert Half International, and a lady named Zenny who was trying to convince us all to volunteer our spare time (now that we theoretically have tonnes of it now) for tax clinics and other community initiatives.

I had fun last night, I wasn’t expecting to, but I did.