I have not blogged about my feline overlord in a while.

Having a cat in one’s life can be a blessing and curse, and sometimes at the same time. My cat, like all cats, is naturally curious about everything around him.  The fact that his tiny universe consists of my wee flat, all 448 square feet of it, doesn’t change this fact. Because the flat is small I am the centre of all his curiosity – he needs to sniff all my socks, my shoes, my ankles and so forth. He also manages to move things around so that he can find the optimal nesting spot.

But because his universe is tiny and he is precocious he does make attempts towards freedom. I have to be careful when opening the flat door – there could be at any time a tiny black furball streaking past my ankles.

The curse of living with Pupa? He is emotionally demanding – he follows me everywhere, and will sit on the toilet watching me shower. Or he will sit on the floor by the toilet while I do “personal things”. I can be unnerving, these great big yellow eyes staring at me unblinkingly while I have “personal moments”. He also screams in the middle of the night if he feels that he hasn’t gotten enough cuddles. Shutting the bedroom door on him doesn’t work – he will scratch and scratch, scream and scream…earplugs don’t work.

Overall, life with Pupa is never dull.