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Oh the joys of working in a department where people only know how to function in their jobs if they follow prescribed steps — may god have mercy on their souls if they actually have to think outside of the box and actually do some analytical work.

I have to number these observations:

  1. Budget Manager – the one who I believe is laziness incarnate. Her responsibility is to do cash applications in the G/L, whether it’s Accounts Receivable related or we’re receiving money from the government/vendor for overpayment. It’s her responsibility to figure out where to apply a cash receipt and yet today she toddles down to my office to ask me where some monies need to be applied. As I had informed her in the past, each “department” within the company uses a special sequence of invoice numbering – she should ask the department who had issued the invoice where the cash receipts should be applied. The Budget Manager emailed the correct individual and cc’d me. Now, I have absolutely no access to the A/R Subledger, so I have no ability to adjust or apply a payment.
  2. Production Accounting Manager – his responsibility is to take care of the A/P and Invoicing for jobs related to different intiatives in which we are charging the clients (I am responsible for general A/P overhead costs). He had decided to pay one invoice through a different company, without processing the correct entry in one company – so that we don’t end up paying twice for the same invoice. It has taken me several hours this afternoon to fix it as it is easier for me to do so than to depend on him and his team.
  3. My assistant – seems she’s been sitting on a number of invoices for a couple of months without processing them. I only found out because the Production Accounting Manager went through her binders and realised that there are a number of purchase orders still outstanding & active because she hasn’t processed the invoices. The Production Manager and I had a conversation about work expectations of my assistant. The expectation from both of us is that all A/P invoices get processed in a timely manner, and not languish in “binder hell” for several months with the excuse of “oh we’ll get it all sorted by year end”.
  4. International Tax – the Production Accounting Manager brought a couple of tax forms forwarded by a US client that they say we are required to fill out. I can’t fault the Manager on this as he is generally not exposed to tax issues; so atleast he went to someone (moi) who does have experience dealing with such issues. Though I am not familiar with IRS forms I am well aware of where I can seek the proper advice in a timely manner.  
  5. Co-worker – as this is a quarter-end we are required to provide variance explanations between actuals and Q2 and Q3 numbers. She’s decided she will ignore the regional requirement for variance analysis between actuals and Q3. I was a little taken aback and told her that she might as well do it now as she will be asked questions – and running around like a headless chicken is the last thing she needs at quarter-end.
  6. Quarter-End – the amount of time we have been given by N.A. HQ has been reduced by 3 days and we need to produce reporting for actuals, variance analysis, final 2009 budget numbers, final forecast numbers of 2008, provide IT cost analysis for the quarter, and revenue projections… all by next Tuesday.. I am so full of joy, let me tell you.