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Met up with Mr Cantrell at St. Stephen’s Tavern near Westminster tube station at 10am and shortly thereafter Mr Squirrel sauntered in. We had a lovely breakfast at the tavern, with some time to spare to make it for a boat trip to Hampton Court.

The boat ride along the Thames was slow, but great fun as we could see London from a different vantage point. It was all very civilised with coffee and tea on offer, along with pop and munchies. Landed at Hampton Court around 2:30pm and promptly went off for a spot of lunch. Thereafter it was onto Hampton Court.

I must confess, Squirrel doesn’t really like checking out palaces but this one was different. The first exhibit we saw the butchering room in the kitchens – the effect that was created was quite life like, with fake blood on the walls, hanging bits of meat and the pre-recorded squeals of dying pigs. Checked out the extensive gardens and walked through the Maze. We went to the Tilting Yard, but it has been turned into a combination flower garden/patio for the Tilting Yard Cafe.

After Hampton Court it was back into London proper, to Victoria Station. We went to “The Chimes” who’s speciality is cider. There we had our dinners. Whilst there Mr Cantrell and Mr Squirrel proceeded to imbibe some decent quantities of cider, a glass each of plum wine and many glasses of water. Afterwards was a funny traipse towards Victoria Station with Mr Squirrel feeling slightly more than tipsy. 

I eventually made back to Brighton and here I now sit, typing away, while getting ready to leave for Gatwick.

This holiday has been fun, though there have been some odd moments. If Ruthie ever comes up for air and manages to poke her head into the interweb – she was a gracious hostess in Ely for me. Mr Cantrell has been deviant as ever and Geeklawyer has been quite helpful with getting me to Ruthie’s, getting me more comfy with British Rail and for entertaining me 🙂