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Seems there is a push on by the local Health Services Agency in Hamilton to convert the ER at McMaster University Hospital into a pediatrics only Emergency Room – http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/437922 with a walk-in located someplace else for the adults and non-emerg issues. Theoretically this proposed change is to better improve access to medical care.

To achieve this adults requiring emergency care would have to go to other area hospitals, if they happen to be adults – and last as I understood it is the adults who pay into the public purse for “universal healthcare”, not the sprogs. I have never heard of such restrictions being applied to an essential service.

Having struggled in the past year with health issues I am very much in favour of having full access to an ER when necessary, with the option of choosing the closest hospital to me geographically. To be told that an otherwise fully functional hospital is closed to me because of my age is tantamount to ageism and in my opinion (though I am no lawyer) a violation of the Canada Health Act. I hope the Ontario Minister of Health, David Caplan, steps in and reverses this decision made by the local Health Authority.

I invite all my Canuck readers to read the URL and write to David Caplan or Dalton McGuinty and share your dismay and disgust with this severe curtailment of “equal access to healthcare”.