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… I think I shall go exploring for a bit. I am a touch peckish, what with my reaching Victoria Station 10 minutes before the train to Brighton was to leave. I’ve had so far, today, a bowl of nice high fibre cereal, a roll of winegums and some diet coke. Oh I am most definately living the gastronimic highlife.

Tomorrow I am to move my arse from Brighton back up to London to spend the day with my Deviant Chaperone – Mr Cantrell – and Mr Squirrel. We are to go to Hampton Court – be still my tudory aching heart. Afterwards we are to meander over to some place for dinner, but I don’t know where.. tis a surprise.

Sunday I fly back to Toronto. This holiday has been quite relaxing, I must admit. Yesterday I was still with Ruthie – sans Geeklawyer and sans Squirrel. I spent some time exploring the grounds and monastic buildings at Ely Cathedral and happened to walk into a luncheon being hosted in the Lady Chapel. A fellow who is part of the Order of St Eldreda (she founded the cathedral) explained why the Cathedral was never bombed during the blitz — seems that there is a cross on the roof that points in the direction of Germany, so the luftwaffa didn’t bomb it as they needed their “guide” to back home. Afterwards had a spot of lunch at the Peacock Tearoom (voted best UK Tearoom in 2007) and then back to Ruthie’s. Saw “The Duchess” at the Cambridge Cinema.. it was a relaxing day. A girlie day.

But fear not my beloved Canadian mushrooms, I have picked up the requisite munchies — jelly babies, pork crackling and a bag of chicken curry flavoured crisps (potato chips). Now whatever else I send my pence on shall be on me….teehhe