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Mr Geeklawyer is taking off, with his friend Harry, to a music festival called Ottley or something like that. I am remaining in Prickwillow/Ely for another day. I shall spend some more time at the Cathedral here, see if I can do any brass rubbings and explore the market town of Ely. I never knew this, but Oliver Cromwell is from Ely so I hope to check out the Cromwellian Museum here. Just general explore the town, while Ruthie is working during the day.

Tomorrow I’m off to Brighton, to spend a couple nights before I fly back to Toronto. Saturday Mr EvilDave is taking myself and Squirrel to Hampton Court.

To me the only downside to travelling on the Underground is the serious lack of bins to throw one’s garbage into. Geeklawyer tells me this is an anti-terrorism initiative … can’t place a bomb if there is no rubbish bin. Result is there is now where to throw my tatt into. The good little Canadian that I am I carried my empty Fanta can until I could find something. Geeklawyer, on the other hand, has no qualms about just tossing stuff onto the floor of rail stations and underground stations.