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Monday, Sept 15th was a fun day. Started off with the loud whining of the coffee grinder, as it appears that a certain Geeklawyer is a coffee addict. Spent the morning to just hanging out in Ruthie’s lounge, munching on some tattie scones that a certain Scottish Law Librarian (Jaffne) got me… Jaffne is Geeklawyer’s pseudo-wife, having been married by a Mr CharonQC in a pub. She’s a sweetie, but she does need to work on her frying pan ninja skills… it’s a requirement as all Scottish women are adept at wielding a frying pan with great finesse.

Went down to London for a spot of shopping, getting off at Oxford Circus. First place – Apple Store where Geeklawyer got himself a snazzy iPOD Touch, then it was off for a spot of shoe shopping. Got myself a British SIM, texted EvilDave  promptly and then went into Selfridges to get pressies for Infobunny & Jaffne. Then onwards to the Harp, for LawBlawg 2008.

Ruthie eventually showed up with Mr Squirrel in tow, drank a bit and then we went off for Italian – as I was being starved by Geeklawyer, starved I say….STARVED! Monday was a fasting day for Mr Geeklawyer so there were no temporary sojourns into the wilds of a market stall for some food.

Picked up Geeklawyer and got the train back to Ely.

I live an exciting life.

Today I am to make Cepeliniai with Geeklawyer and go to a very nice Tea Shop in Ely. I am hoping to do some brass rubbings at Ely Cathedral as well – only 2 quid to start and I think I could have great fun.

EvilDave will not be taking me to Gilbralter, instead it shall be Richmond Place. My love for all things old and Tudor-y should easily be catered to and I shall be glutted upon the wonders that is Richmond Palace, formally known as Sheen before Henry VII rebuilt it in the late 1490s 🙂