The company I work at has a very antiquated accounting system which is painful to use and doesn’t provide reports which are useful. To get a report I desire either I have to export raw data and manipulate it or get vendor-support to build me a report – either way I can’t build my own report with the parameters I require.

Thankfully we are switching over to SAP. JOY!! Though I have never used SAP before from what I have seen of screenshots of the different modules, it looks to be a joy to use compared to what I use now.

Yesterday was the initial “run-through” with Finance and other end-users – those who create Purchase Orders, set up Job Estimates, and just keep track of the spend on any of the projects their teams are working on. There was a lot of mumbling of discontent from the peanut gallery, and it wasn’t Finance (considering there are ladies in Finance who have been there for 10+ years and use to what is currently used, this is astonishing). The “Production” People were bitching:

  • What do you mean I can’t spend beyond the value of the Purchase Order? (SAP won’t allow them to put invoices through on a PO if it exceeds the value of the PO, and Finance will not process an invoice which has no PO attached to it)
  • What do you mean I can’t setup a job number without an estimate? Sometimes we don’t have the signed estimate back from the client, but we still have costs to put through on the job. This isn’t going to work – our current system is better.
  • What do you mean vendor setups can’t happen locally? Why are they to be done centrally? How long is this going to take? This is unacceptable.

My thoughts during the presentation was that finally there will be some control. With the new system we’ll be able to handle budget control of projects much more easily — we’ll be able to see the initial estimate, how much was spent against it, how long the project took to complete, and if the project estimate went through multiple revisions. Basically, Finance and Senior Management will be able to see where the Account Groups are overspending or under-estimating, which doesn’t bode well for teams who consistently overspend.

My assistant got excited over the A/P module 🙂