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Well, another monthend has come and gone and there were more hijinx which amused, maddened me and caused me to scratch my head in confusion.

If, dearest mushrooms, you stretch your neurons back a few posts ago I mentioned that one of my co-workers has a bit of a problem distinguishing between Expense Costs and Asset Costs. It has happened again. We’re working on our final preliminary forecast for the final quarter of the year and I was in the office a tad late last night trying to get my numbers in – so that today could be more peaceful.

My co-worker couldn’t wrap her head around the projected CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) budget – why is it that the number she has doesn’t hit the P&L (income statement). Why, why, why? I told her CAPEX is classified on the Balance Sheet, not the P&L. Then it was “then why do I need to provide a forecast for CAPEX?”. Lord give me strength. I patiently explained that the CAPEX forecast gives an indication of how much to expect, for the next 3 years, for depreciation expense.

But why don’t we just list it on the P&L? My mouth hung open. Because the usual life of this particular expenditure exceeds one year – there it is booked to the Balance Sheet and over the course of it’s “fiscal useful life” it is written down to the P&L — so instead of hitting the P&L for $3K all at once, it’s a gradual hit of $1K per annum.

That was yesterday.

Today it was the “Budget Manager” who spends her days applying cash receipts to outstanding Accounts Receivable – that’s right, she’s effectively a pseudo A/R clerk with a fancy schmancy title. She’s been receiving payments for invoices not uploaded to the accounting system yet. I have tried uploading – it doesn’t work for me. The individual who use to do the upload has left the company so now the onus is on me to do it. But I cannot fathom why the individual who is responsible for A/R doesn’t do the A/R upload. I’ve asked and the answer I get is “it isn’t my job”.. and I want to just scream and  say “what the fuck do you do all day?”. Hopefully things might change – her manager is the one who left the company and in a sense protected her from my manager (who her manager reported to as well) who will now be able to see how little she does…and maybe we do need some re-jigging of responsibilities.

Not to say I am overworked, I have the level of work I can happily handle and this place – for all my bitching – is pure heaven compared to the hell-hole that Airmiles was. I just wish that responsibilities were more equitably distributed. I don’t look at A/R, I don’t follow-up on client invoices, I don’t understand the billing process — my role consists of supervising the Accounts Payble chickie (my assistant), monthend financial reporting, monthend close, GL maintenance, intercompany, StatsCanada Reporting, Fixed Assets, Forecasting, Budgeting, and liaising with the IT Director. At no  point do I do receivables. So I believe it should be the individual who looks at the A/R on a daily basis, who does keep track of the billings, who should do this pesky upload.

Btw, the upload isn’t working for me and now I have to call the vendor HelpDesk.