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I had dinner with Mr Puck today and we were discussing my upcoming trip to Crumpet-Land. This gotten to me thinking about the Underground, with regards to the “London Underground” Song done by 2 doctors about a year ago. Though I can’t embed the video, I invite all my faithful mushrooms to clicky-click on this link:

London Underground

On a side note, I have been asked by a few peeps for items from Crumpet-Land — Puck would like 2 bags of Jelly Babies and 1 bag of chockie Jelly Babies, but by Trebor (the requirement); Ms Lydia wants a bag of Jelly Babies as well; and, Mr Tarotcub would like Pork Scratchings.

And for my faithful chaperones – Mr EvilDave and Mr Geeklawyer – I have purchased Maple Syrup for them.