I wish I could say I feel sorry for the former retail giant, but I’m not. Sears Holdings has seen a significant drop in its revenue compared to the prior year.

Once upon a time ago, when I was young and full of passion, I worked at Sears Canada. But worry not dearest mushrooms, I did not work retail – I was in the Finance Department. Though the hours were excellent (start at 8am leave at 4pm) everything else was shit. I started in the Inventory Accounting Department and I got to see how much Sears Canada paid for it’s inventory, before markup. And the inventory – quite the sight to behold – tatty underwear from Pakistan, window blinds from India, pantyhose from Malaysia.. all for for their “house brand” Jessica.

And the crap selling in the stores – Jessica  is suppose to be an in-house fashion line but even my own 68yr old mother finds the clothing too matronly. When I do go into a Sears Canada store I can’t find anything that I’m looking for like pantyhose, bathing suits, skirts, attractive blouses. No wonder Sears is suffering financially – their product is crap.

So I don’t feel sorry for Sears – they are past their prime, old, and their buyers have lost touch with reality. And don’t get me started on their concept of Customer Service – I get better Customer Service from a Telemarketer.