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Kim visited today, for my dressing. We are going to reduce it down to 5 visits per week. In the space of 4 days the hole has shrunk 0.2cm. I am quietly optimistic.

Thankfully the bleeding stopped on Friday from the Resident making the incision on Wednesday. Abdominal pain has lessened, and yet I am not a happy plum. Trotting about a Comic Convention this weekend with PuckRobin caused my lower back to hurt – a lot. I need to work on strengthening my “core”.

As I am not allowed to jiggle (Dr Lee’s orders) nor push too hard on the abdomen, I need to find a gentle exercise. I’m too young to toddle about like an old lady without her cane.

On a bright note I have become addicted to Twitter – I could curse Geeklawyer for this and yet I’ve had a marvelous time tweeting with Charonqc, Infobunny and Jaffne.