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Okay, I have to admit,  I am a little less amused with my assistant.

Seems we are $12K overdrawn on our USD bank account. The account is her responsibility to ensure that it is properly funded, by transferring funds from our CAD account to the USD. She hasn’t done so, and I have been reminding her each week. I can’t initiate the transfer as I am responsible for Bank Reconciliations, so I should not have the ability or the access to manipulate the bank balance.

Received notification from the Tax Authorities that the May08 VAT submitted was not done correctly, so we may have to pay a penalty. This particular VAT is also not officially my responsibility, but as my assistant reports to me I am ultimate responsible for all her errors.

Now the greatest highlight of my life for the past two weeks – filling out Statistics Canada Forms. Any self-respecting accountant understands the necessity of complying with the Statistics Act. But every accountant out  there will tell anyone willing to hear our cries of pain that the forms are a pain in the arse to fill out. It took me nearly 6 hours to compile the data and manipulate it into the reporting format that StatsCan wanted.

What I want to tell them, when they ring, is that I would appreciate them providing the funds to cover the costs of maintaining a staff person to spend their days filling out these forms.

I do occassionally get such helpful comments like “if you send us your P&L we can complete the forms for you”. Problem with this is two-fold; first, as my company is a subsidiary of a larger company we do not report publicly, we are consolidated into the greater whole, therefore our information is confidential; two, if I do send them the P&L I know I will have to drop everything every time they rang to answer any questions for them.

Ah me.