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The madness continues. Today’s hijinxs consisted of a co-worker, who is responsible for applying cash receipts against Receivables (that pesky process of when clients pay us and we input an entry into the accounting system DR Cash & CR AR).


Today I got an email from one of our affiliates that they were wiring over a payment, to clear the intercompany relationship dating back to late 2007. As I reconcile Intercompany it is only natural that I would get this notification – so that I can take note of it and ensure that old interco receivables are dealt with. I forwarded the email to  the individual who’s title is “Budget Controller – Client Accounting”. With such a snazzy title I would expect a certain ability to determine which invoices are outstanding and thereby which ones are being paid.


As there was only one invoice outstanding for this particular affiliate I, rather optimistically, assumed that the “Budget Controller” could look up in the Accounting System and determine which invoice to apply the payment. I got the lazy question of “which invoice are they paying?” I would understand that question if the other affiliate had numerous outstanding intercompany charges – but they don’t, there is only one.


I fired off a terse email, in response to her lazy question, saying as there is only one outstanding invoice I believe it is xxxxx for $xxxx.xx.


Yesterday she was trying to get me to deal with the Bank to determine why a Debit Memo (when the bank reverses a deposit in this case) was put against our account. I pointed out to her that as she is responsible for cash receipts I thought it appropriate that she do the querying. I got the lazy answer of “oh, but I only look at deposits, I don’t look at anything else like debit memos”. I wanted to pull my hair out and I informed her that I am, yet again, not a happy clam as wouldn’t it make sense that the individual who is depositing the cheques and cash would monitor the account and follow-up on any NSF cheques?


Though I blog about my assistant and find her lack of understanding amusing, I am not amused by this individual. My assistant is an A/P Clerk, the very nature of her position does not require her to have an indepth knowledge of Accounting Principles. But the “Budget Controller”, she is in a more senior position and has greater responsibilities and therefore should have the skill-set to be able to handle issues outside of her general realm of interest. In many ways she is trying to behave like a Clerk and not a Manager.


Gods save me!