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I have received the report from the Wound Care Nurse, who came early last week to assess my “hole” and recommend any different course of treatment.

What I have to do is take multivitamins (already doing that), vitamin C (will start doing that) and zinc (will start doing that). What my nurse has to do is to stop using the “actecote”¬† which is a gauze coated in silver nitrate. Instead she is to use regular gauze, soaked in betadine. She also to loosely pack the hole. The findings were that my nurse is packing the hole too tightly which is restricting, possibly, the ability of my hole to close – as there is no room for it to heal.

Kim, today, loosely packed the hole; and has followed all the other recommendations of the Wound Care Nurse. Hopefully there will be some improvement soon. I’ve been sitting at a hole depth of 1.8cm for nearly 8 weeks now.