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… it tends to bleed now when I catheterize. I’m not thrilled by this.

On one mailing list that I am on – Exstrophy Adults (I have a birth condition called Bladder Exstrophy) – some of the ladies have written that ever since they’ve gotten their mitranoff their stomas tend to bleed when they have their periods; seems that for some of them their neo-bladders are very close to the uterus and because our neo-bladders are quite porous (being made of intestinal material) they can end up soaking up some of the “effluent”.

I’m not “on the rag” at this moment, so I don’t think it’s that.

I have been using a new brand of alcohol wipes, it might be this. Maybe the percentage of alcohol is higher than my previous brand. Or mayhaps I should switch over to the very expensive “Stoma Care” wipes – which are infused with aloe.

meh, I’ve it it taped up at the moment with gauze and paper tape.