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Why do people, who are quite healthy and mobile, insist on using toilet cubicles designed for the disabled?

Due to my surgery I “pee” in a special way, which requires me to carry a small bag with supplies (gauze, alcohol swabs, surgical tape, MUKO & catheters) which get spread out when I prepare for “peeing”. This means that regular toilet cubicles are not large enough for me.

Today there was a big ol’ lady who decided to use the disabled cubicle so that she could spreadout and read. I know this because I saw a collection of open books on the floor. And yet, there were 4 other empty regular cubicles. Why did she use the disabled one? I don’t know what swims through her selfish mind, but my guess is that she wanted space and thought “why not”.

I stood outside the cubicle and it took her 15 minutes, while I just stood there waiting. Thankfully she had some amount of shame within her shambolic body, as when she came out she saw me with my bag in my hands waiting. She rather quietly said “sorry”.

In the meanwhile could someone answer this question – why do healthy people insist on using disabled toilet cubicles when there are other available cubicles?