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And the fun never stops.

Today I had an earnest question from the Director IT, with one of his underlings (aka a junior SysAdmin), asking me about purchasing new replacement assets and how to handle the older assets (3+ years old).

I asked if he intends on keeping and using the older equipment. Director said yes. I said then there is no requirement for a disposal since they are still in usage, even though fully amortised. The funny thing is the Director knows this. I think he’s training his three schlepps on the finer points of asset management (from both the IT and Finance perspective).

Last month one of his schlepps was tasked with an inventory count of the telephone equipment. Seems that of the 200+ IP/phones we have only 6 are in the Fixed Asset Database — that means they have to be counted. His schlepp asked me if it were possible to dispose of them, to get them off the database, so that he wouldn’t have to count them. Seems the Director told him to ask me, as a learning experience for said schlepp.

I know IT people are not given or are rarely exposed to any Finance knowledge – it’s a given, considering their line of work. So I tend to be more tolerant of their questions as they don’t know any better; much like I can’t build a server or maintain one.

The amusement never ends.

The issue today, by the way dear readers, was easily resolved to the satisfaction of today’s Junior SysAdmin — he doesn’t need to fill out forms or do any disposals. He’s a happy little clam right now.