I know, I declared that I would post on wordpress from now on. But as there is a feed to facebook of my wordpress blog I thought it would be safe to post here. My concern is that more and more “authorities” are vetting potential and current employee activities through facebook.

Anywho, on to my semi-rant here.

I am very much looking forward to Hamilton Pagan Pride. I thoroughly enjoy myself there, for the most part. I say “for the most part” as I do not enjoy the vendor area. It’s the same old tired “bling” that they are hawking – the whole “I’ll slap a pentacle on and it will sell”. A lot of the goods being sold are rather shabby and very little artistry is put in by these so called “artisans”. True, there are exceptions and when it is possible to find something interesting it can be truly spectacular (like my concrete mushroom that I got a couple of years ago). But for the most part it’s crystals with cheap wiring wrapped about on a cheap plastic string selling for $20, or some questionable incense.

This year is special as Blackangel has invited a few peeps from different traditions to help in a Fire Blessing. I am doing a Baltic one. As most Baltic Rites are primarily song-based I need help with the singing. I have roped in Ms Amber with that, and that’s great for a soprano.. need a baritone to round out the sound (I’m an alto by the way). After the rit I’m going whoosh to Pearson to hop onto a plane for a week in the UK.

A whole bunch of books are being published by people I know, and there’s been a general push for us in the community to “support our artists and authors”; and generally I agree with this, if they produce quality work that I am interested in. Mr Bren is having his book launched as we speak, and huzzah for him, and from the sounds of it it will do fairly well. And he does produce good quality work which is worthwhile purchasing. But going back to my comments about the vendors at Hamilton Pagan Pride — has anyone seen the “artwork” done by pagan artists? I ran across an individual at the Halifax GG who told me point blank that it was my duty to support pagan artists because I can afford to.

This is a ramble, I know, but my point (eventually) is that I am tired to people looking at me and thinking “oh she’s an accountant, she can afford to buy my sh*t” and then proceed to try and guilt me into doing so. That’s why I tend to stay quiet about my profession and when asked what my rates are I state “$125 an hour”; when asked if I will barter my response is usually “I can’t pay my rent in athames or aromatherapy sessions”.