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When I first heard that the iphone would be carried by my mobile provider (Fido, which is a subsidiary of Rogers) I was quite delighted with the prospect of having my own little iphone. Lo and behold the data rates have come out and they are disgusting.  Apple is not selling the iphone in Canada, it can only be had at Rogers or Fido outlets. Theoretically this is a sign of Apple’s unhappiness with Rogers’ attempt to gouge customers with high fees and low data plans, and insisting that users subscribe to a minimum of 3 years with stiff penalties for trying to get out of the contract.

These are the prices at Rogers, which owns Fido and therefore Fido has the same pricing scheme:


Monthly Fee* $60 $75 $100 $115
Weekday Minutes Included 150 300 600 800
Evenings and Weekend unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Evenings are from 9 p.m to 7 a.m Monday to Friday and Weekends are from 9 p.m Friday to 7a.m Monday
Data Included 400MB 750MB 1GB 2GB
1MB= 1,024 KB 1GB=1,024MB
Bonus Sent Text Messages 75 100 200 300
Visual Voicemail – New with iPhone Included
Visual Voicemail allows you to go directly to any of your messages without listening to the prior messages, so you can quickly select the messages that are most important to you.
Access to Rogers Wireless
and Fido Hotspots
Bonus 3 months Unlimited Local Calling
Additional Weekday Minutes
(per minute)
35¢ 35¢ 25¢ 15¢
Additional Data 50¢ per MB for the first 60 MB, 3¢ per MB thereafter
Additional Sent Text Messages
(per message)


While the iPhone 3G Voice and Data Packages allow you to use this device to its fullest and offer savings over separate voice and data plans, they are not the only options available to you. Other pricing options are available. For example, you may choose to combine one of our new data plans ranging from $30 per month (for 300MB) to $100 per month (for 6GB) with a voice plan. Learn More. They are available by calling 1 888 ROGERS1 or by visiting your nearest Rogers retail location.

Already an existing customer?
If you are an existing customer, you may keep your existing voice service plan and add a separate data plan. To check your upgrade eligibility, please call 1 888 ROGERS1 or visit your nearest Rogers retail location.

iPhone Voice & Data Packages are available on a 36-month term service agreement.

*A $6.95 monthly System Access Fee (non-government fee), a monthly 50¢ 911 Emergency Access Fee (non-government fee) and a one-time $35 Activation Fee apply in addition to the monthly service fee. Local airtime over the allotted monthly minutes in the plan, long distance and roaming charges, any additional service options selected and applicable taxes are extra and are also billed monthly.

Data Usage – Your iPhone will be enabled for data usage. If you subscribe to a plan with no data included, data charges at a pay-per-use rate of 5¢/KB for data sent and/or received over the Rogers network will apply, unless you subscribe to a data plan, which we highly recommend. Roaming charges apply while using your iPhone outside Canada. U.S. data roaming on iPhone Packages is $3/MB. The standard international data roaming rate applies. Visit rogers.com/roaming for our roaming rates and destinations. Data usage is measured in KB rounded to the next full KB.

Value Packs for iPhone 3G

Add a Value Pack to your package and save up to 53% off the regular price of Wireless Essentials.

$15 iPhone Value Pack $20 iPhone Value Pack
Get the 1st Month FREE*
Wireless Essentials Included Wireless Essentials Included
Call Display Call Display
WhoCalled™ WhoCalled™
2,500 Sent Text Messages 10,000 Sent Text Messages
Caller Ring Trax™ Caller Ring Trax™
2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes 2,500 Call Forwarding Minutes
  6pm Early Evening Calling
SAVE $11 Per month SAVE $23 Per month
* First month free bonus is a one time offer and applies to new Value Pack subscriptions only. †Text Messages included in the Value Pack are in addition to the bonus Text Messages included in your iPhone Voice & Data Packages.