Pride week has started in Toronto, sort of. Next weekend is to be the culmination of a week’s worth of festivities celebrating and rejoicing in the many facets of being gay/lesbian/bi/tran/etc in today’s modern Canadian Society.

I was traipsing about the Village today, mostly to get a prescription filled (my pharmacy is in the Village) and everything was eerily quiet. Mayhaps with the threat of thunderstorms all weekend peeps were not in the mood to go galivanting about, and sit on patios. I saw one pair of tourists though, today.. I could tell because they were tentatively holding hands and looking at “straights” like myself to see our reactions.. I couldn’t care less, as long as there wasn’t any tonsil inspections by tongue going on.

Will there be more tourists showing up? I think so, mostly because gay marriage is still not legal in the USA and I believe many couples will come up here to get hitched. They may not be legal in the USA, but atleast somewhere in the world they will be married.