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I had my wee little visit at the hospital this week. To make sure I’m not dying or any other such nonsense.

Doctor seemed pleased except for one niggling bit — I have a fungal infection of the incision. Joy!

I suspect I got the infection while visiting Dale and others in Ottawa a few weeks ago. I went to a clinic, The  Appletree Clinic to be precise. I had to bark instructions to the doctor on how to change a dressing — seems the twit wanted to send me to an ER to get the dressing done there. Idiot never thought that this isn’t an emergency and the ER would have sent me back to the clinic. Anywho, the twit didn’t know how to do a dressing and I had to depend on a “medical professional” to do the dressing as the hole along my incision line is very low and I can’t see it properly to pack it.

My incision was infection free before this visit to this clinic. And about 2-3 days later I have a smelly and wet infection on my skin. I suspect the pseudo-professional didn’t clean himself properly before coming into work (and he was 15 minutes late coming in).

My advice to anyone contemplating going to Appletree – don’t.

So my doctor at Sunnybrook gave me a script for some antibiotic cream and my nurse is now quite pleased as it seems to be working.