I was merrily watching season 1 of “Supernatural” when at 3:30am I heard a young woman start screaming at the top of her lungs on my floor. I thought it may have been a domestic dispute so I went out into the corridor, as did a young fellow who lives across the way from me.

The young woman was running up and down theĀ  corridor like a derranged lunatic trying to get into people’s apartments. She kept collapsing and then would get up and run again. I called Security and they tried to restrain her. She kept screaming and screaming and would break free of the security guard.

By this time her friend from another floor came up to try and calm her. Security demanded I call 911 and I did… which freaked out her friend, who begged me not to call the cops. She then started running up and down both stairwells screaming at the top of her lungs. I could hear her from my floor while she was on other floors – the voice was that loud.

Police finally caught her and took her away.

It appears she was may have been on some sort of recreational narcotic.

This never happens in my building – when people scream it’s usually with joy (i.e. hockey team, really great sex etc)