…yipee, I had fun.

As some of you know, who care to peruse my archives, I celebrated my birthday a tad early for the simple reason being that this year the anniversary of my birth was on a Tuesday.

I managed to round-up a fairly ecclectic bunch of miscreants to celebrate my downward spiral towards second childhood (aka senility). As always my usual companion in the shape of Tarotcub was there – and for some reason which I cannot fathom he really got into the gin & sodas – dear god that man could put them away, I lost count after the 7th.

Mr Brian Walsh also attended and he managed to forget how many pints he had drunk at our first pub/bar. I would like to mention that I have singled Mr Walsh out since he is developing quite a cult following on Facebook.

Mistress Lydia and her ever-faithful life companion, Mr Andrew, showed as well as Miss Rebecca. I especially enjoyed the look on Lydia’s face that some of us have known for weeks that her Mr Andrew is kidnapping her to a secret location for her birthday.

I had great fun with Wolfsong’s gift of blowing soap bubbles (I had asked for no gifts, so there wouldn’t be any pressure on anyone, I just wanted to enjoy the day), which were greatly appreciated. Mandy and Tim were leaping about like feral cats, trying to eat the bubbles and take pics of the bubbles.

Amber managed to prance in like a little pixie (she’s not that little, the wench towers over me and makes me feel like a hobbit), Daniel meandered in and John showed up all Steam-Punk. Mr Michael was his effervescent self, as always.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself.