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I blogged a while ago about men and their pits and how I wished they would explore the wonders and delights of antiperspirant. I still hold to the idea that a good sense of hygiene is all that one really needs to not stink up the place, so to speak.

So now I go from men flapping their unwanted stinky man-stench to ladies and their need to drown in scent. I can never win – either it’s man stench or the latest in cheap knockoffs of Obsession or Chanel No.5. A slight scent is liveable and acceptable. Putting enough on that everyone can smell you 10 metres away is unacceptable; especially so if there is more than one wench in the general vicinity.

Whatever happened to a good shower in the morning? Does one need perfume anymore? In the past it was used to cover up the fact that people rarely bathed. But in today’s shower/bath obsessed western culture I would think that perfume & cologne has lost its usefulness — unless one uses it in their seduction arsenal. But I must say, if it’s for seducing me, I get instantly turned off by too much stench — whether it’s due to too much sweat or too much fake scent.

People should just enjoy their loofah sponges and become proficient with them.