I have started a new position as Chief Accountant at a multi-national advertising conglomerate (I can’t say firm, as there are many permutations of the entity to service all sorts of client needs) and one of the “benefits” is I get 6 days holidays this year. I have to use them or lose them, they do not allow employees to carryforward their accrued holiday time as it makes planning for cover-off very difficult (especially in a department in which the average tenure is 10+ years).

So, my thoughts are with regards to Paris. There are a few items which cause me to hesitate:

  • Paris, accomodation wise for the average tourist, is quite expensive. I’ve looked at the price of hotels and b&bs and they range from $75-$170 per person per night.
  • I only have a week, can I handle the jetlag?
  • I was unemployed for 6 months, so I really should recover my finances but the job here pays more than I have ever earned before
  • I will probably be travelling alone – no companion this time round
  • I am lactose-intolerant — how do I go about finding nourishment? Prolly go to a bakery or butcher for food to nosh on during the day… for “le picnique”

Plus side:

  • My Deviant Chaperone from last year’s excursion to the UK (he was there for the London portion) indicated that he may pop over for a day
  • I’m hoping to convince Geeklawyer that he should pop along as well
  • I have found a cute and cheerful hostel for  39Euro per night for a private double room, ensuite
  • My copy of Frommer’s Paris has some very good suggestions for day excursions and free/cheap activities
  • I really really want to check out the catacombs

So my question is, faithful readers, does anyone want to join me on this year’s adventure? I travel light.