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I took a shower today. I know, not the greatest news in the world, but it’s an accomplishment for me. See, since my surgery of November 20, 2007 I haven’t had a shower or bath. I’ve had sponge baths – so not to worry, I’m not some stinky vile mess. I haven’t showered because of my dressing with the open wound.

My nurse Kim and I discussed yesterday how to go about achieving this long desired goal – taking a shower. I am allowed to shower 30 minutes before the nurse comes in for the dressing change. The dressing will be wet, but there will be sufficient time to change the dressing.

Those of you who shower on a regular basis and do not appreciate the delights of water droplets pelting your moist flesh – I am disappointed that you don’t revel in the delights of the water cascade. Sure you enjoy the invigorating feel of the showerhead pelting you with great force, so you get some sort of pseudo-massage. But there is nothing like feeling clean. Appreciate your showerheads.