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While leaving the office today I took note of a gentleman who’s hair was a very striking shade of red – a cross between burgundy & flame with a dash of violet. At first I thought he may have been dipping into the Clairol or L’oreal hair colouring products – usually used by women; older men still tend to use Grecian Hair Forumla.

What I did discover when I passed him by was that he was wearing a very bad weave. He could be bald due to medical reasons, such as cancer therapy or having alapecia. But he had his eyebrows, there were hairs hanging out of his nose, so I assumed that he was just ashamed of his baldness.

Why can’t men celebrate their baldness. Relish it, enjoy it. All you really have to do, other than wipe it down is to put some sunscreen on so that it doesn’t burn. No more need for shampoo and hair conditioner.

Celebrate your baldness!!!