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Now I have heard everything. Seems an inmate one of the glorious american prisons is being starved to death, story here.

A fat man is in jail waiting for his murder trial. He went into prison at above 400lbs but is now down to a svelte 308lb, and is quite unhappy about this. He is complaining that the 3000 calorie a day prison diet is tantamount to starvation- seems his wee little tummy starts to rumble an hour after eating. He’s also pushing to have the prison serve hot meals –  he hasn’t had a hot meal since September 2007 as the prison serves cold meals.

I could say that I am shocked that a complaint like this could even potentially be taken seriously. But I am not. The United States of America, home of the free and land of the brave, is a highly litigious society in which parents of fat kids try to sue McDonald’s for fattening their kids.

With regards to the fat prisoner, he’s also complaining that he’s short of breath and refuses to do any exercise in the exercise yard. Maybe if the lard-ass actually got off his arse and even strolled around the yard this might help with his hunger pangs.

I wish I had the problem of losing 100lbs in 7 months. Someone should just whoop his ass. He’s in prison, at some point he has to realise that he cannot have the comforts of home – which probably include several pizzas, fries/chips, several pounds of doughnuts and other wonderfully processed foods each day. Life is soooo hard.