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I had a lovely day today just going from patio to patio, with tarotcub and diresquirrel. By mid-afternoon I had to call my nurse as my dressing was getting itchy and a little uncomfortable. She came over to my apartment at 5pm to do my dressing. She took some strip gauze and packed my abdominal wound (it hasn’t completely healed, btw) and realised she didn’t pack enough in, so she added more. But, she didn’t leave any dangling out so that it could be easily removed.

She tried to remove the gauze with foreceps, two types of tweezers and a pair of surgical scissors. The gauze is embedded in me, and won’t come out.

I called the Urology Resident on Call at Sunnybrook and they recommended that I get to the Urology Clinic as soon as possible tomorrow after work (my first day of work…yipeee). A Resident will be waiting for me to deal with the gauze.

Now, my nurse in a way is happy that this has happened. My previous nurse, Rhonda, had asked me to speak to my urologist about opening up the hole so that instead of packing the wound horizontally it can be packed vertically. This would require cutting into the top layers of the abdomen. Theoretically by packing the wound horizontally the healing process would speed up and the hole would actually close more quickly.

I am not really relishing the idea of enlarging the wound.