I’m toying with the idea of moving my blog over to WordPress. I don’t think I’ll import what I’ve written in the past 2 years here in LiveJournal – but instead shall start afresh and will setup an RSS feed or whatever so that this blog gets updated with whatever I write in WordPress. I’ll still keep this blog for more “personal” posts and my mental meanderings with regards to politics, the state of society and so forth shall go elsewhere.

A new chapter has opened in that a single blog can no longer contain me šŸ™‚

Plus, LJ doesn’t have the ability to provide me with stats – I am curious to know how many hits I get.

Now I need a new nom de plume. I was toying with Bean Geek as I do have geeky tendancies and am an accountant. But the name is too cumbersome. Maybe Amber Bean.