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I am extremely sleepy, but in a good way. I am trying to get as much sleep as possible, as I find that the more I get the more I feel better.

I am healing nicely. Other than the odd twinge now and again I am not dipping into any pain killers – even regular Tylenol.

My surgical site is healing very well, according to my nurses. I have been reduced from twice daily visits to once a day. The stoma is doing well.

All in all I would say I am doing remarkably well.

The only issue right now is that I am find stairs extremely difficult. I can go down stairs, slowly. But climbing stairs is a challenge – my legs feel like heavy weights and it’s difficult to raise them high enough to climb a stair. But I am practicing each day, taking short trips outside for 5 minute intervals. Today’s excursion was to purchase some liquid hand soap from the downstairs variety store.

I am obsessed with cucumbers at the moment though – I can’t stop eating them.