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I have been home for a day now, from my latest bout at the hospital. It feels good to be home, but I have to admit, I am feeling betwixt myself. I spent the day munching on carrots and cucumber, and then having some roast chicken from a local german grocery shop (thank you Tarotcub!), all lovingly accompanied by the television.

To put it plainly, I am bored. I want to go out, but I am still feeling very weak.

On an odd note I believe my latest stay at the hospital freaked out my doctor as I am getting twice daily visits from a homecare nurse. It appears that they have been instructed to keep a careful eye on my stoma, my temperature, any mucous output, and the amount of my output. I believe they are keeping a careful eye on me so that I don’t need another hospitalisation.

Not sure what to do with myself tomorrow.

I can’t really stray far from home even if I did go out. The stoma care regime, for the time being, is quite severe with regards to timing – and as it involved alcohol wipes, MUKO, an irrigation tray, irrigation syringe and sterile saline – so I am limited with regards to my time away from the medical “supplies”…. le sigh