One more day til surgery. Yipee!!

As many of my readers will know I have had a very long struggle trying to get this surgery to be done. From March onwards it’s been a daily struggle, what with an employer demanding that I get more aggressive with the medical professionals, losing my job, and the surgical date getting pushed back constants – June to July to September to October to early November and now November 20th.

This has been a very stressful year and yet a very necessary year – and not just with regards to the expected outcomes of the surgery. Because of all the stresses and the many endless hours I’ve had for reflection I have learned how to simplify my life, find cheap entertainment which is emotionally meaningful (like the Toronto Music Gardens, Harbourfront Cultural Events etc), and become less materialistic. And in the spirit of my newfound frugality I am not Christmas Shopping this year – all gifts will be handmade by me. Yup that means fruitcake, scarves, afgan blankies and possibly crotcheted slippers.

I have also had the opportunity to think about how I have lived my life so far with regards to friends, family, my social life and work. When I am ready to return to the workforce I am quite sure of what I am looking for. I most definately want a work-life balance. Many employers mouth those words, with an aside of that O/T is a necessary part of life if one is an accountant – I say bollocks! It is possible to find a job that provides a decent work-life balance, but that means potentially taking a lower paying job than my previous position at LMGC. But as I stated in the previous paragraph, I have learnt how to deal with a very much reduced cash flow and still maintain the livestyle which I desire – so if that means that I take a $5-8K reduction then so be it… if it means no weekend work, little to no O/T and the ability to actually take a holiday without stressing about work while away.