In preparation for my soon to be upcoming surgery (this coming Tuesday, barring any unforeseen circumstances) I have placed myself on a liquid diet. Last time I had surgery the hospital gave me this horrid drink called Go Lightly. It was absolutely vile – just full of sodium, so much in fact that ice cubes would melt almost immediately if placed into the solution. I tried drinking it, but I kept gagging from the horrible taste. I kept begging the nurses for some other solution to getting my innards clean for surgery.

This time round I haven’t received instructions, yet, from the hospital. But to avoid that horrid drink and any colonics or enemas, I have been eating jell-o and drinking broths.

I am hungry. And the jell-o isn’t satisfying for my hunger. I crave a muffin, but I have to be strong on this.

I have eaten today 2 cups of wildberry jell-o, and a cup of peach jell-o. I am saving the soup for tonight.

Can’t have anything that is difficult to digest – so no eggs, no dairy products, no meat, no rice, no peas & carrots, no corn and no peanut butter. I can have toast, but not a lot. My english muffins are looking awfully good to me right now.