… is coming to an end tomorrow. They had to cut the budget and it made sense to get rid of the temp (moi).

On a positive note both my manager and the Director of Finance, TV have promised to give me glowing references. 

My 9 weeks here have been good and soothing for my soul. When I was let go by Airmiles I was constantly second guessing myself, wondering if I was really was such an inadequate accountant. But the time here has bolstered my self-esteem. If anything it has helped to solidify my resolve with regards to the suit against Airmiles.

Working here and the time before it gave me lots to think about. What do I exactly want out of a position? Is money everything? How much do I need to lead the lifestyle in which I will be comfortable? I have come to the realisation that making $80K (with lots of overtime and weekend work) or more is no longer my ideal. If I have a position that pays $45K plus benefits (hardly any overtime and a true work-life balance) I could live quite comfortably following my usual pursuits.

I have also come to the realisation that I want to work for either (a) the government [municipal, provincial, federal, crown corporation, doesn’t matter] or (b) a completely Canadian company. Having worked for companies in which the parent company was in the United States monthends, quarterends and yearends have been super stressful and full ot lots of unpaid overtime.

I am thankful for my time here and the opportunity it gave me to not second-guess my abilities, and to also help crystalise certain things in my mind.

Now if only Airmiles would just certify my work experience, so that I can submit for my accounting designation. Prolly won’t happen until we get to a mediator.