I am suppose to have an appointment at the Cystoscopy Clinc next Wednesday – but oddly enough (can you detect the sarcasm) no one is available to answer the phone or return calls. I have left a number of messages with the Cysto Clinic to confirm my appointment and nothing – no return calls whatsoever.

I have made an appointment with the Patient Advocate’s Office at Sunnybrook for next Tuesday at 10am. I hope it’s productive. Thankfully they are quite understanding and are equally outraged that a doctor and his assistant can hold a patient’s life hostage like this.

Whilst there I will be walking over to the Cysto Clinic to confirm my appointment for the following day.

I really really hate Sunnybrook now.

Anyone out there who is contemplating going to Sunnybrook for anything urological – I strongly urge you to reconsider and go to another hospital.