Seems my next door neighbour (not the one with the latino boyfriend, other side of me) is a young couple who are painting and renovating their apartment. Again, I find this hard to imagine as we do not own our apartments so why go through the bother of changing the shelving, the closet doors and the bathroom fixtures.

I was quietly dozing on the sofa after a stressful day and was woken up by some loud hammering at 12:30am. I thought “bugger it” not the twat below me again, who likes to use power tools late at night. After wandering the corridors for about 20 minutes and  just about ready to give up I hear them start up again. Yup, apartment 1806.

I knocked on their door and I said “could you please stop, it is well past 11am”. This is where I truly am stunned at the sheer stupidity of my fellow tenants. All I got was “oops, I’m really sorry, I didn’t think anyone could hear us”. I couldn’t believe it, they are hammering, dropping tools and it never entered their minds that someone could possibly hear them?

I had a conversation with

today about some of the youth of today and how they lack certain social skills and the ability to consider the results of their actions.  Parents have long coddled and protected their children, raising them in fairly sterile environments  (ie. new housing divisions in the suburbs) where they are not exposed to the elderly. differing cultures, and where there are no consequences to their actions. They grow up in houses which are virtually soundproof and then move into places like my apartment building where all of a sudden they are confronted by angry neighbours, hurriedly dressed in a stained t-shirt, hoodie and trackpants complaining about their home renovations past midnight.