Last night I had the neighbour who didn’t realise people could hear him hammering.

Tonight I had the neighbour who decided to throw a party for his brother-in-law who is getting married. This time it isn’t the neighbour next to me, it’s the neighbour above and to the right… unit 1908.

I went up twice asking them if they could keep it down as I would like to enjoy some sleep. The noise continued and the party moved to the balcony, so that there could be no complaints about noise coming from the unit. Lo and behold my complaints get louder. And why is that? For some stupid reason noise carries very easily from our balconies, and I could hear their very loud conversations perfectly in my bedroom with all my windows shut and my earplugs in.

I asked security if they could do something. He got “but we already turned the music down and I can’t just throw out a party of 12 people all at once, can we stop at 1am?” I said hell no, I want my sleep and I’m not prepared to compromise my right to the enjoyment of my apartment. If I had been asked this the first time I may have compromised, but they only asked after my 2 complaints and 1 visit from security.

Honestly – no concept of how one’s actions affects others around them. The whole entitlement complex just drives me nuts. I have the right to party, no one else can impinge on that right… When have the rights of the individual superceded the rights of the community?

Anywho, on a happier note I bumped into the neighbour who was hammering last night/early this morning. We had a pleasant chat and I said I understood his desire to personalise his living space. I asked if they could just keep it down to painting after 10pm 🙂

Edit: the bachelor party continued til 1:30am. The soon to be bridegroom was passed out and sleeping and yet the party continued. I found that odd, but maybe that’s just me. On another funny note the peeps next door to be were partying quite loudly as well, after they finished using the party room they went up to their apartment to have a groove ol’ time. I swear there was something funny last night… it’s never been like this before.