Hmmm I have to admit, I was hoping my MPP would be defeated – wishful thinking on my part, I know, but there you have it. My MPP was and again is a certain Mr George Smitherman  – Minister of Health and the Premier’s No.2 guy.

I am not thrilled with this fellow, mainly because when I contacted his constituency office back in June for help with some healthcare issues the first time it took them a while to answer – with the response being “we can’t do anything, contact patient advocates”. When I responded saying that Patient Advocates wouldn’t do anything for me, I was ignored. Nary a response since June. Arrogant bastards!

Of course he was going to win. I live in a riding that has a large immigrant population (and immigrants tend to vote Liberal) and a Gay-Lesbian community. As Mr Smitherman is an openly gay individual, it was virtually guaranteed that he’d win — a high ranking cabinent minister, openly gay. Go fig!

For the first time in my life I had not voted Liberal – which I have since I turned 18 oh so many years ago. Instead I voted for the Green Party Candidate, mostly because my MPP was useless to me and his constituency office is full of arrogant & snobby individuals.

The Green Party got 8% of the vote, but nary a seat.